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About this Report

As forecasted, the enterprise software market continues to consolidate. Mergers and acquisitions have decreased the number of software application and service providers supplying large companies. Fewer vendors mean easier choices for companies that want to improve employee efficiency and partner productivity. However, the most successful solutions continue to be the ones that sharply focus on end users and provide measurable, easily defined business value.


As the largest independent marketing and technology services firm in North America and a provider of solutions that help companies empower their employees and partners with the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, Avenue A - Razorfish brings a unique, business oriented perspective on how these solutions are maturing. This report provides guidance to managers seeking to generate greater, quantifiable business value from their corporate intranets. Other employee and partner-facing enterprise solutions are not discussed in this report.


This report draws upon primary research with select industry leading companies, each with 10,000 or more employees and a corporate intranet that is at least two years old. Findings from a survey on workplace technologies with 275 mid-level business managers in the Boston area were also incorporated where appropriate as well as secondary research from industry analyst firms, independent thought leaders and innovative companies. Research was also conducted with Avenue A | Razorfish consulting teams with recent experience in delivering solutions of this kind.


Since corporate intranets are closed business tools through which companies generate competitive advantage, no actual intranet screenshots have yet been included.


Burgeoning Expectations


Web innovations are introduced to consumers at a breathtaking pace, and employees are demanding that their own intranets be as compelling, user-centric and accessible as the consumer innovations that they interact with in their personal time. For example, employees expect their intranets to include guided navigation systems that are common on websites such as Amazon and eBay, as well as Googletype search functionality.


It will always be difficult for company intranets to meet these burgeoning expectations. Budget limitations, security concerns, records management requirements, virus threats and Sarbanes Oxley restrictions will limit what corporate technology departments can do. However, all is not lost. Some web technologies are easier to implement than others. Also, by allowing employees to more freely control their own desktops, corporate IT departments are realizing that, as employees search the web themselves, they will incorporate productivity enhancing technologies into their workplace settings. This behavior benefits employers in the long run, even if it comes with short-term security risks.


But that, too, is not enough. In order to meet these burgeoning expectations and also increase employee productivity in a cost effective fashion, employers need to understand the risks associated with the maturation of their existing corporate intranets. A company can then improve its intranet by studying how other companies address similar challenges. This is where the Corporate Intranets Best Practices Report – this document – fits in.


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