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That will Change Your Intranet


Trend 2: Intranet ROI will be pushed to the back burner

When was the last time that your management team asked you to create an ROI model for corporate email? It was probably quite some time ago. In contrast to email, intranet managers have often been asked to justify investments in their company intranet. Well, there’s good news. In the future, senior executives will be less concerned about the tangible ROI of an intranet. It will be an assumed cost of doing business, just as corporate email.

Intranet maturity and its successes are driving this trend. Executives have seen how intranets can empower the workforce and increase employee productivity. See this article (registration required) on how business processes drive productivity and this article (registration required) on criteria for managing IT investments. Executives have surveyed their employees and understand how the intranets are being used and by whom. They’ve also discovered that intranets have become indispensable tools to support information sharing, knowledge management, sales-force automation and news dissemination.

Furthermore, these executives have recognized that to compete effectively against low-cost firms in China and India, they need a more knowledgeable, efficient and trained workforce. Intranets, especially those that incorporate third generation knowledge management tools in the form of blogs and wikis, are a key part of this competitive strategy. When viewed through the lens of a competitive game plan, the ROI justification becomes obvious.

The only exception to this rule is when major technology investments are required. For example, if a company is planning to jump from a Stage 2 intranet to a Stage 5 or a Stage 6 intranet, the intranet managers will need to create detailed ROI models depicting projected dollar returns. See also this page for a sample of alternative metrics.


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