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That will Change Your Intranet


Trend 7: Wikis gain prominence and get integrated



Another frequently discussed web publishing phenomenon is wikis. Wikis enable users to easily edit or update an existing webpage. User-created wikis such as Wikipedia, the Wiki Encyclopedia, have been getting a lot of attention. The question is, will wikis invade the corporate workplace in 2006, as blogs did in 2005?


Several smaller companies have used wiki platforms to develop their corporate intranets. The technology is free, and it empowers employees to engage in information sharing more actively. However, not all companies want to empower their employees with the ability to edit the corporate intranet. To many companies, the intranet represents the corporate voice and therefore needs to be controlled tightly.


In a similar fashion to blogs, wikis have room in the workplace, but only if they’re used for the right purpose and if they have the right culture to flourish in. See Andy Mc Afee's reflections from Wiki Mania 2006 held in Cambridge, MA. Many smaller, less-structured companies have embraced wikis as their intranet technology platform. For these organizations with flatter, less formal hierarchies, the self-correcting mechanisms of a wiki create the right balance of empowering the employees to share and preventing things from spinning out of control. After all, each time a contributor edits or adds to a page, his or her name appears in the revisions list. To compare a running list of wikis currently available on the web, visit the wiki matrix comparison site that provides a useful survey of different vendors. A wiki wizard is also available to walk the user through the many choices and options. For a discussion of the types of analysis available for wikis, as well as vandalism control, see this page.


Larger organizations are taking a more cautious approach to wikis. In these organizations, wikis are being used to support small project teams that depend upon extensive collaboration, whether it is around a product or a research article. Expect to see a lot more mini-wikis in the workplace in the near future. A case study, one of the first detailed look at wikis within the enterprise, from the British Council was published by Pebble Road in June 2006.


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